Gang-Wars Guides
Training: making thugs/thimps/thealers by mad212

A big noob mistake is making a thug/pimp/dealer. Your gw will be shit, your attacks will be shit and you will be killed all day, or your gang drained through this char. Reason being is that when your attacked your other chars in the gang send reinforcements. They only fight as strong as the gw on the char being attacked.

Instead focus most of your characters as thugs, training only GW. Train strength to 100 so that if your raiding and blank a character and need to loot (a gang/char with no thugs) u can recruit a few thugs with about 30 or turns(only takes 50thugs to house raid).


Here in the begining of the round, you can see i only focused on gw for a thug I train all gw to start with, then decide how many thimps/thealers i need to make. 1 thealer and 2 thimps works good for me, u can make all 25 thats up to you. DO NOT RECRUIT THUGS, LET RAX PAYOUT.

Thimps/Thealer Hybrids

First off train about 650 into char or intel, 250 each into the other two stats, then train all gw from there. Purchase about 50 penthouses or methlabs, they pay dealers/hoes when barracks spit. Now you have an ok thug that can turf, or a guy that can drug love.

Tips by hellrazor

Training cuts - on the cpanel you can train stats using the short cuts. it is a good idea to set your stat short cuts to use 110 turns. then when you need to train, just rapidly click on the short cut to train over and over. also helps break intims easily

Stat training - when training stats such as charisma and guerrilla warfare, train them in small amounts of turns at a time, like 100. when you train, GW randomly gives points based on how many turns you use. if you use alot of turns at once, you could get alright, very good, or horrible. for some strange reason horrible is most common. that is why you train a little at a time. eventually it should even out to getting decent stats

To intimidate you need 1000 thug warfare. turfwar needs 1000 pimp warfare. druglove needs 1000 dealer warfare. To receive payouts from upgrades you need at least 500 of charisma or intelligence.

Pimp Boosting by Nas

Well some tips from good ol Nassie boy:
pimp boost: 200-220 charisma

trained charisma and then went to gw. the faster you get racks the faster you max. When I really wanna try i pimp boost. And have about 4 other guys i know log into the gang leader and keep up with purchasing casinos. Trust me this helps to max fast. After maxing casinos dump everything into personal bank. Keep training Guriella Warfare. On the way up to rising. you might wanna purchase up to 25-30 racks so you have thugs by the time you pull.. wait till about 300 mill and pull even wait till 400mill and pull.

Good luck with that.

Attacking by Nas modified by mad212

Practice being fast when moving in and out of countries. If you have a co have him start from the bottom right corner on the shortcuts page and you start form the top left or vise versa. after you attack with a character.

After each row, check your attacks in. This helps from getting drained. If they start mercing don't be a suicide king. Save your thugs if you can turf do it. Only break turfs, for intims wait till u can fly, find a target, break, hit, fly.

Don't play hardcore, play smart. Never zero you og's or punks. Hit until your baby gangstas are gone. then chose another character. When 1st starting in the begging of the round..attack on your own. fuck it. who cares. once you get 500 mill and above..don't go with less then 2 gangs. you'll just zero yourself hitting and then the enemies will come fly and finish you off. Purchasing max mercs in the begging straight up sucks.

Tips for hitting by Hellrazor and mad212

Draining - the process of 0ing a gang through one character. Zero that one character, preferably with a drug love, then hit him with all of your guys. the reinforcements will be easier to kill than a full character and you get loot since they are easy to kill. when the char is too low, switch to another weakened char. eventually the reinforcements his gang sends and you kill will 0 the entire gang and be easy to loot with your 0ed chars. Also if u find a pimp or dealer, they are good to drain because of their low gw.

Turf war separates the character from his gang, so as soon as he is out of thugs (0ed) you can loot him until he breaks. that char also does not receive reinforcements, casino money or troops from barracks. USE THIS TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY!

Druglove makes one character weaker so its easier to kill his thugs. makes draining a gang easier. this also can stop a guy from remercing because he is unable to sell his drugs.

Intimidate stops one character from attacking or flying. DOES NOT KILL HOS OR DEALERS OR THUGS

Breaking - You can break out of intimidate, drug love, and turf war buy training. you must use 10 turns for every 100 points they have in that warfare to break it. EX. to break some1s intimidate that has a thug warfare rating of 1100, you must use 110 turns. (train only gw though)

Never use diseased hos in GW or Tainted drugs, they do nothing except waste turns. Every char should have as many m16s as you can get, pimp or thug it doesn't matter, they all need it. hummers help too. M16's kills thugs and hummers help loot and intimidation. Buy barracks in as many other countries as you can, thug payouts are vital to survival and they always seem to spit when you are attacking in another country. Don't fly with low turns, you can get stuck from an intim u cant break, so u cant fly.

To kill fast press f5 repeatedly after you started your house raid and see the kill done, press space bar to resubmit form, watch the bottom of the screen to make sure your baby's don't get to low. Once its low like 500-1500(depending on the health of the gang being attacked) stop and switch chars to hit.

Catching a top20 by mad212

This if for a top20 that is about to be opened. Grab an id, open a few windows, log into your highest chars. Paste the id into war room, hit house raid. It'll say "char to high" don't worry. Now open another window to watch player rankings. Once that top20 is open, switch windows f5, switch windows f5. That is the quickest way to rape some shit.

Now that web has changed the way war room works, you can basically just raid click another person and the username is already there, house raid again.

Defending by hellrazor

This skill is super important, especially in this alliance. Ins0mniacs takes pride in our insane defense, no1 come to oz with anything less than max mercs cause they know we will pwn them.

First, if u see some one invading, message every one online ASAP. I know it seems simple, but some ppl don't and it pisses me off. don't try to be a hero and take em yourself, mercs will beat u. join the chat room and share ID #s

here is my name, id, gang and location if you have a pimp in range, turf as many ppl as possible! suicide into them after they are turfed and loot them till they break it, then repeat on another character. this is one of the main fears invaders have, the rest of their gang rises, but we drop 1 guy. that 1 guy could be a huge drain point when we come to get revenge

If u see a gang invading OZ and u don't have a pimp, suicide on them. pick 1 guy and smash every thug u have into him. drug him if u can but hit him so much the guy is forced to send that character home. even if u were planning to raid later suicide. saving one of your allies is much better than boosting yourself. after u blank a character, merc them up. Half max should be good if u are not too high. if u are very high up, merc max till u get thugs back.

When u really have to, intims work well if u keep them under it, and redo it. Makes them burn turns. Plenty of people fly with like 500 turns, and u can stick them in oz, or make them donate. Also most people wont break intims, do turfs.

If you are almost 0ed, and by almost i mean 3k or less BGs, then u should intim the hell out of em. that is the only time u should do that.

Thats all u really need for normal defending. now to defend yourself.

If you are getting hit, merc up every single character to max mercs when u are actually worth something. don't wait for them to kill your thugs b4 u merc up, thats just dumb.

if they continue hitting a char after u just remerced him, don't wait to remerc, move him to another country, preferably a safe 1. rarely will they follow just a few accounts.

if you are being hit by 3 gangs, u are screwed. let them hit a few mercs, then run to another country. its not playing like a pussy, its intelligent playing. if your obviously gonna lose, why stay and help them out? make them work for their cash by chasing u. it will annoy them greatly and each time they can fly again u will have fresh mercs and be rdy to remerc. if done correctly, this should help u survive, but its hard to do unless u have a coleader on

oh yea, if they intimidate you, don't break it, thats a waste of turns. you aren't attacking, u are just mercing. only break it if u need to run. and don't break it unless u are certain u can leave the country. if they intimd u 3 times b4 u could leave, they are watching and u will not get away. and if you still have to wait 4 min b4 u can fly again, u wasted turns.

also guys, you have to check once in awhile targets in range with a few guys, or player rankings, or my rank just to make sure nobody is here fucking us up.

takes a few seconds, and could save our gangs.

Pitting by Vicious503

I guess I'll add what I do when I pit.

In my opinion, pitters should do two things, help allies and hurt enemies. For a pitter, rank and loot does not matter.

Helping Allies. The main thing is to feed gangs to allies. Look for gangs with a few low guys and alot of high guys your allies can range. Hit first to drain the gang so they're weak enough that your allies should be able to easily loot. The second way you can help you allies is to hit potential 12hour gangs. Even if you're unable to kill them, just weakening them enough that they are unable to get a good 12hour hit off on your allies is good enough.

Hurting Enemies. The main thing to do here is to defend the country from enemies. Go all out on them, just blank yourself out and live on mercs. Die for your country. The second thing you want to do is hit enemies that are heavy hitters. The heavy hitters are gonna try to go after your allies, so if you hit them first then they'll have to delay their attack for another time.

Range. As far as the range of your gang, you want to be able to range other gangs but not look juicy enough that people will want to hit you. Donating down and maxing out all the countries is not unusual for pitters. Never drop to the bottom though. Since rank means nothing, if you're getting raped, drop in value out of the range but still stay high enough that you can attack later. Dropping to zero mean you will have to build up value again and puts your gang out of work for a few days, which is bad.

So let's review. Hit, hit, and hit. That is about all you need to know. If you don't make the top100 thugs list as a pitter than you're no pitter.

It's a little brief so maybe somebody can add a little more. That is all I can think of right now, if I can think of anything else I'll add to it later.

TOP20 Do's and Don't s by Nas

If your the only gang up top and you wanna top20 I highly recommend you have at least 2 guys. Assign the characters this way there is no bumping heads when logging in. Choose your target wisely and make sure you your always merced 20k. Things to look for when top20: You wanna make sure the target has 5 or more characters consistent or it's not worth it. If you notice that there is a pimp or thimp do not hit that thimp then use the same guy and hit another thug. YOU WILL GET OWNED on a 12 hour. If you hit a Pimp/thimp. DO NOT HIT A THUG WITH THAT SAME CHARACTER.

When you fly there's 2 ways to do it. Fly all 15 there and wait then fly one back. Or fly 14 there and start hitting ASAP.

Always keep one designated guy to lock top20. Always be aware of your attacks in. Always be aware of someone flying in to hit you. always know how much time you have left on each character before you fly out. Always be aware of 12 hours and know the rules of it so you don't make a mistake of hitting a thimp say 1pm and flying out again and hitting the same gang with the same guy, say at 5pm. they can still 12 hour you. Do not turf more then 2 characters with the same pimp/thimp. It's always good to have 3 or 4 thimps when your on top.

If you do make that mistake make sure you merc that guy up max for 12 hours.

Now if your hitting with another gang top20 same rules apply but this can be done with only 1 person. If 2 remember to assign characters. With 2 gangs it's easier cuz you can actually zero out a whole gang instead of turfing and hitting. important!!! when top20ing with another gang. have respect to not leave them open for top20 know the time left to leave and even wait an extra 30 mintues if you really wanna make sure. then agree to when your gonna fly.

I have top20 with bone many times and not once did i get fucked. it's scary but can be done easily. Just be aware of what your doing who your hitting and so and and so forth....

Misc Tips by hellrazor and mad212

1. Try to keep your banks full. This way you can easily jump back up in the ranks if some1 kills you or it gives you the surprise factor when some1 thinks you cannot range them, then you do after you pull.
2. Do not rush to get a good rank early in the round, its pointless because rank changes.

Remember, consult the Help Files for further information about any of these topics.