Gang-Wars Guides
Pitting Guide

MeaNa gang for pitting and defending

gang build up:
22 thugs
2 thug/pimps (thimp)
1 thug/dealer (thealer)

When you start you gang, put the numbers 1 to 25 after your character names. (example: blabla1 blabla2 blabla3 and so on) This is to make it easier to remember with which character you want to attack next, so you can check your gang page less.

Set shortcut training in options to : 500 turns. (most ppl like to train in little amounts so that u wont get weak thugs, but when you're attacking a gang in an enemy country, it will be very easy to break intims or turfs with it.)

Set shortcut recruiting in options to: 250 turns (250 turns will give u a bit more than 50 bgs, so that u will b able to loot when the gang that u attacked is completely zerod)


thugs: spend turns only on guerilla warfare.
thimp: spend turns on guerilla warfare until it has a guerilla warfare of 1200. after that, get: charisma to 500, sex. education to 300 womans study to 300. When you've done that, spend turns on guerilla warfare. Recruit escorts 100 turns each time. (will give you around 150 escorts.)

thealer: spend turns on guerilla warfare until it has a guerilla warfare of 1200. after that, get: Intelligence to 500, Chemistry to 300, Sixth Sense to 300. When you've done that, spend turns on guerilla warfare. Recruit druglords 100 turns each time. (will give you around 150 druglords.)

(note: when you get guerilla warfare 1200 first on your thimps and thealer, the enemy wont know that they are weaker characters untill u can actually start to use them.)

Set all characters to gangbank till u maxed casinoz. then switch to personal bank. buy barrax with the money u earn from training guerilla warfare. this way you will max ur bank fast, so that u r able to catch boosting gangs. when u got around 410 million in personal bank, leech 10 mil from each char, and buy barracks. get the bonus turns from the *free turns* link and keep 3k turns at all times (so that u can break intimidation while u r still raiding/looting.) try to keep 400 million in your personal bank. (always usefull when one of ur chars is a little behind of ur other chars. this way u can pull him up.)

pitting and defending are about the same.. at a later stage of the round u will have to keep money so that u r able to range the gangs u want to pit. pitting while u r not part of any alliance makes no sense.

try not to turf or drug 2 chars of the same gang. great chance that they will 12hour you later on. (12hour attack: u can attack a char that attacked u back within 12 hours. when u attack that char within an hour, u b able to do 12 attacks on that char, no matter at what range he is at.)

when u pit: choose a target, find a weak spot, and suicide your whole gang on him. u might think, when i zero my whole gang, i am vulnerable. yes u r vulnerable, but u r a pit gang, so when a gang flies in when u finished and starts to attack you, you will be able to 12hour him bad. when your chars are worth above 1 billion, buy max mercs.

when you do a 12hour attack, look at ur thimps and thealer *attax in* list first. when you can turf or drug a char, it will b easier to kill him.

defending: when u see an enemy gang in ur country, find his highest char, (drug him if possible. they will break it fast enough, but it will help you to kill his first mercs easier.) attack once with your first 7 chars, after that attack twice with ur other chars.)

when u did that, find a few enemy chars that u can range with ur thimp, turf him, and zero them with the gangsters you got left and rail him down. (make sure that u get as much loot as possible your lowest chars.) also check your *attax in* page from time to time.

when u did all that, the enemy gang wont b able to do much more damage. dont forget to merc up when you r finished. try to do everything as fast as possible. u will find out that u gained a lot of cash when u defended this way. Also never intimidate unless u see that the enemy gang is trying to leave while u still got enough thugs to do some damage. intimidating costs u thugs.

Remember, consult the Help Files for further information about any of these topics.