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Anyone who has hit you, you can hit back within the next 12 hours. The best way to 12 hour is to look through your attacks in and find characters that have hit you on multiple characters. Say xx01 hit three of your characters you would than want to hit xx01 with those three because you would stand the best chance to get loot.

Any characters that hit one of your pimps are very easy targets. What you want to do is turf with the first character. Then hit with the next and go back and loot. If the attacker has only hit a pimp, and you can range him with others you want to turf him, hit with a different guy and go back and loot. If they have not hit a pimp, and you have allies who can range the guy, having them turf him before you attempt to hit is your best chance at getting loot.

The sooner you 12 hour the better as you lose an attack each hour. Even if the attacker only hit you once, or just intimidated you, you can still hit him 12 times if you do it fast enough. If you wait 11 hours to do so you will likely only get one or two attacks in.


If you have 20 characters that can not be ranged in a certain country you can use the top 20 rule to make great hits. What you want to do is find a target with a considerable amount of money difference between the top character and the next few down. You want to move 19 guys over, start hitting the 20th char with your guys, hitting only one or two guys per guy is best so you don't get 12 houred later on. If you have thimps and are only going for a few targets, turf the 20th each time or else you will waste a lot of thugs basically draining a gang.

Finding a good top 20 target is easy. An example of what to look for is 1 TheHoover Australia $32 $2,363,955,480 $2,367,968,712 2 JamezFlamez Australia $2 $2,284,753,399 $2,287,928,451 If you hit this guy you will take about 80 million from him before the second target comes up. If you have a gap like that the best way to hit is with turfs. If the top20 is closer with only a few million separating each guy they will fall out of range fast and the best way to hit is moving one guy, hitting, moving another guy hitting, until you have gone through 19 guys and then you close the top20 off with the last guy. You have to do this fast or you will get caught in the top20 and get hit. If you start getting hit, or see someone fly in you want to close it right away. Wait until your ten minutes are up on the last guy you flew in and then fly your guys out. If you have any that are 0d and have someone waiting for you to fly to try and hit you, you will want to fly in the other 5 guys, and fly out the ones with the least thugs, so they don't get hit bad.


If you are getting hit bad you will want to merc 10k on your whole gang or at least the that are getting hit. Buy drugs after you merc or you will lose them. There isnt much point in mercing if your value is under 300-500 mil but you can if you really want. Mercs use up alot of drugs so once you get your thugs back you will want to get rid of them. If you hit a target that has merc and you 0 yourself you will want to buy a few merc on that guy until you have moved home, because he can easily 12hour you, especially if he is a pimp. Holding mercs all day is gay though and will drop your value a lot.


If you make pimps for the purpose of stealing and trying to get top pimp you want to use all your turns on pimp stats. Don't recruit and try to keep each of the three stats equal. Buy the pimp upgrades. When you are looking for someone to steal from choose people who have lower pimp warfare than you and a lot of escorts. Usually when they have a lot of escorts they have recruited them and you should spy them to see their stats. If you see someone with 2000 web cam and street hoe and a lot more escorts it means they have pimp upgrades and have recruited. They are usually easy to steal from.


Same as pimp but for dealer. Dealers are harder to find though, so you want to click gangs and look for one that has a dealer in it to find good people to steal from.


A thimp is half thug half pimp. They will have enough pimp warfare to be able to turf, around 1-2k pimp warfare. 1k is all you need but you will fail a lot of turfs if you keep it that low. The rest of the turns are used on Guerilla Warfare. People make thimps so they can turf people and have a pretty strong thug so people can't leech your gang through it. Charisma: 962.20 Sexual Education: 200.70 Women's Studies: 62.60 Private Doctor: 62 Penthouse: 65 Pimp Warfare Rating: 1,225.50 Is an example of a thimp. Always train charisma to at least 500 on your thimp and then buy at least 10 of each pimp upgrade so you will get free webcam girls and street hoes. If you make a full pimp and have other characters in your gang that are thugs you will want to keep your pimp in a different country or else you will get drained through your pimp, because it is a lot easier to kill someone with low guerilla warfare.


Making a thealer is the same as making a thimp, but you keep intelligence above 500 to get the free payouts. A thealer is used to drug love a char to kill the gang easier. If you have a thealer in your gang you will want to use him every time you attack, drug a target and drain the gang through that target as it will be a lot easier and you will lose fewer thugs.


When choosing a target look for someone who has most their gang at the range of your highest 6-7 guys. Hitting in your own country is easier than moving if you are lazy but harder to watch for 12 houring. If you want an easy kill look for a gang that looks like they are offline. To figure out if they are offline or not find a target and look at how much cash he is holding. If the drug that is moving the fastest is worth $112 and he has guys holding 113 you know he is on the wrong drug and is most likely offline. Sometimes drugs are too close and you have to pick someone without knowing. If you watch a chars value and he drops a little bit you know he is in the wrong drug If he drops a lot, he is most likely holding mercs. If you are able to spy the targets you want to spy and find someone who has lower guerrilla warfare than you, they are the easiest to kill. When you decide to hit, you want to look through the gang for someone holding escorts or druglords, because that means they don't have full thug stats and will have lower gw than you. If you can't find them, drain through the guy with the lowest amount of thugs. That way you will get cash every time you hit once he has lost all his thugs on his guy, while you are draining his gang. If he falls out of range just pick another char. Once his whole gang is almost 0d, start looting with all your chars.


You will need a full 25 man gang to stand a chance at winning a round. If you don't have 25 chars you should either register some or recruit people into your gang. Once you have a 25 man gang you want to set everyone's payout to gang bank. Click all the free turn links for every char, and set up the cpanel. You should have access to all 25 accounts if possible. Make sure all your characters start in the same country.


When starting out the first thing you want to do is max casinos. Every time there is enough money in the gang bank, buy as many casinos as you can. Keep buying casinos until you hit 500 and then switch to barracks, max those and then max your airliners. Once you have maxed set bank to personal on all of your guys.


For a thug gang you want to use your turns for guerrilla warfare. Train strength to 100 so you can recruit 50 og's if you get 0d and need to loot. The rest of the turns should be spent only on gw, training a lot of strength or recruiting only makes you weaker when you try to hit or get hit. The difference between a strong thug is he will kill much more og's than a weak thug with lots of ogs.

Strong thug
Thug Profile
Strength: 13.50
Guerilla Warfare: 4316.50

M-16: 250
Humvee: 250
Thug Warfare Rating: 4,330.00

Weak thug
Guerrilla Warfare: 1240.00
Sexual Education: 19.00
Women's Studies: 21.00
Chemisty: 619.40
Sixth Sense: 841.20

These stats are from mid round and the weak thug would get raped even if he had 10k og's going against a strong thug. After you have maxed your cas, rax, and airliners you should start saving and holding about 1000 turns. Around the 3rd and 4th weeks you want to hold from 2k-4k turns, just to make sure you don't get stranded when you are moving.


For a thug you want to max m16s first and then humvee, although they are not needed they will help you when you raid. Pimps or dealers max upgrades evenly.


Spy - You almost always want to spy before you hit, know the targets strength, and know if they are holding mercs. Spy when you 12hr, if you see a guy 0d and you have a pimp, turf him and loot.
House raid - Only attack you should use when trying to kill a gang. Don't waste your time with diseased hoes or tainted drugs as they will not kill much.
Turf war - If you can turf if requires 100 of each pimp follower. Turf war is most useful in top20 and 12houring.
Drug love - Requires 100 of each dealer follower. If you can drug love a guy do it before you raid. It makes it a lot easier to kill a gang.
Intimidation - If you catch an invader or someone trying to hit you and he has low turns, less than 1000 you should intim him. Try to get him stranded in the country with you. Than if you have a dealer, drug love him, and hit him because he cannot sell drugs to donate or merc until he breaks the intim.


Breaking the intim. Costs different amount of turns depending on the chars stats. Generally early on you want to try 50-100, and every week increases that by about 100. I break with 350 every time. To break one of these attacks you use turns, preferably on guerrilla warfare. If you get turfed or drugged, break it right away, if you are intimidated in another country, wait until u want to use that char before you break it, and if you are ready to fly, break the intim. And fly home. It's a good idea to go to options and set the cpanel to use 350 turns at a time so you just have to click it when you need it.


You always want to be on the drug that is rising the fasted, no matter what value it is at. Watch the drug stories and if a good one comes up, watch that drug and get on it if it starts to go fast. If the drug you are on gets a bad story, sell it. Every hour the % resets for the drug, so early first half of the hour you can easily tell which drug is moving the fastest. Around half way through the house it's a good idea to buy one of each drug on one of the chars just to watch and see how they are moving. IF you do this again at through the hour you will have a good advantage while playing drugs since most players just watch the % at the bottom of the screen.


There's no doubt alliances are the way to go. Try and join one, or make your own with other gangs in the country. Organize raids with them and defend each other when needed. This is your best chance for survival in gang wars.

Remember, consult the Help Files for further information about any of these topics.