Gang-Wars Guides
Beginners Guide

Okay so you just got your account to try out Gang-Wars? First you need to decide ahead of time what type of character you'd like to be. A Thug, a Pimp, or a Dealer. Thugs don't make a lot of cash, but can definitely defend themselves. Pimps and Dealers are where the money is at, and just do okay at defense. So you need to decide what your way of work will be. Now once you've decided if you'd like to have your fair share of women, a group of thugs, or grow your own stash, you need to do the questions to determine your starting stats. Answer these based on what you want to be, if you need to go into that mind frame. A Pimp would be more worried about girls and have a lot of knowledge about them. A thug would be very knowledgeable in things related to violence and physical activity. And a dealer would be a science major who knows a great deal about drugs and "Sees Dead People."

So once you are past the questions its ready to start, click play and look at your stats on the Character window. Hopefully your rating for the class you picked will be higher than the rest. Don't worry though, it's not a really big deal. Now spend your turns on training. It sounds like a bad idea but trust me, you'll regret it if you don't. If you are a thug, spend half your turns on Strength, Half your turns on Guerilla Warfare, make sure you have none left. If you are a pimp, spend 1/3 on Charisma, Sexual Education, and Women's Studies. If you are a dealer, spend 1/3 on Intelligence, Chemistry, and Sixth Sense.

Now that all your turns are spent, you may wonder.. "What the hell do I do now? I have no money" Well personally I recommend you either apply for a gang or create your own, the casino payouts help you. Now go to the Free Turns section and go ahead and visit all the links til it says they're being processed. Now log off for a few hours, or until your next visit..

Once you come back, you'll have your Free Turns and any you've earned in the time passed. Spend it in increments of 50 recruiting the workers of your profession (Thugs for Thugs, Hoes for Pimps, Dealers for Dealers). This should get you a decent amount of cash. If you get 1mil+ (Not unlikely) Spend it on the Character Page. (Don't forget, if you're a dealer you have to click Sell All to sell all of your drugs) If you have 1.5+ spend it on Humvee(Thug), Penthouse(Pimp), or Private Jet(Dealer). If you have 1 mil, spend it on M-16(Thug), Private Doctor(Pimp), or Meth Lab(Dealer). If you can't afford, or have left overs, just save up.

Generally I repeat this, I alternate between getting Training and getting workers. Because you need a lot of both. So now that you're addicted, go ahead and get an Activation Code and start playing actively.


Remember, consult the Help Files for further information about any of these topics.