Gang-Wars Guides
Newbie Guide

Please note that this is only a basic guide to getting started in Gang-Wars and is not the only way to play Gang-Wars. This is to give new players a place to start. This guide should be used in conjunction with the Help Files as definitions of terms and step by step instructions of how to perform different actions in Gang-Wars are explained in great detail.

Creating Your Character

First you must sign up. Then, when you login to Gang-Wars for the first time you must answer some questions from the Character Creation Profile. These answers effect your starting attributes only. They have no effect on what roles/paths you can play. You must also choose your starting country (Russia, U.S., China, etc.).

Building Your Character

To build you character you must train those attributes and skills that most affect your character. These are as follows:

Pimp: Charisma, Sex Education, Women's Studies

Dealer: Intelligence, Chemistry, Sixth Sense

Thug: Strength, Guerilla Warfare

For example, if you are a Thug character you want to train only Strength and Guerilla fare. You use turns in Gang-Wars to do everything, including training. How many turns you want to spend training is entirely up to you. Generally speaking it is a good idea to get your stats and skills up to 400-500 before recruiting. Remember that the higher your attributes and skills, the better you will be at attacking, recruiting, and defending so you will want to work on these throughout the round.

Use the turns you have left over to recruit followers by going to the War Room page. Thug characters want to recruit thugs, Pimps want to recruit hoes, and Dealers want to recruit dealers. Without followers you can't attack and you have no one to defend you if you are attacked. There is also another form of protection called Mercenaries (See the Help Files for more information). Once you are all out of turns you have to wait for more. You receive 4 new turns every 5 minutes. The maximum amount of turns you can accrue is five thousand.

To be successful in GW it is a good idea to check on your followers everyday and to recruit more if necessary. Also, buying upgrades (on the Character page) is a way to make your character stronger.


Your skill in attacking is based on your Thug Warfare Rating, Pimp Warfare Rating, or Dealer Warfare Rating (displayed on the Character page). A good tip for attacking is to Spy on your target first to make sure they don't have higher attributes, skills, and more followers than you. Then you attack (using turns) your target with one of the attacks most suitable for your character type. These are as follows:

Thug Attacks: House Raid, Spy, Intimidate

Pimp Attacks: Steal Hoes, Diseased Hoes, Turf War

Dealer Attacks: Steal Dealers, Tainted Drugs, Drug Love

Please note that any character can use the Spy attack though it is a Thug based attack.

Buying and Selling Drugs on the Drug Market

Buying and selling drugs can make you some extra money. The Drug Market works similarly to the stock market. The news on the Drug Market page will help you to figure out when to sell and when to buy, as the news stories affect drug prices. Some stories only affect one drug, some affect multiple drugs. When buying drugs be sure to read the stories carefully to get a feeling of the future trends. If you want to be successful you should check on your drugs every two hours or so.

Also, if you notice that you are inexplicably losing drugs, it is either because when you are being attacked you are losing it (check your Messages Attacks In), or if you have any mercenaries they are taking it.


Gangs are a vital part of Gang-Wars. Being part of a gang means you have protection from others players, as well as a source of cash. The successful gang has 20-25 members that all live pretty much in the same country and has a lot casinos and barracks. To do this, members should donate money. When you first start off it is a good idea to donate all the money you get from profits from the casinos to the gang. If you are the leader of the gang, make sure members donate and stay at a good ranking (out of all players). If they fall in rank and don't come back up within a few days, you might want to consider kicking them out of the gang. Always send out invites to people high in rank and not in a gang.


Your total value (or assets) is what determines your rank in Gang-Wars. These assets include: the current dollar value of all the drugs you own, your cash, and your followers. So, the more you have of these, the higher your total value, and the higher your rank. (See the help for more on Total Value). There are rankings for gangs, individual players, and player classes (Thug, Pimp, Dealer).

Remember, consult the Help Files for further information about any of these topics.