Gang-Wars History

Gang-Wars - Quick Reference Guide 2020

12 Hour Rule

When a specific character hits one of your characters, your character (the one that was attacked) is given the ability to attack them back up to 12 times over the next 12 hours. Your '12s' don't stack, if you were attacked by a character 15 times, you still only have 12 12s.

This means your character can attack the previous attacker up to 12 times, regardless of range.

You lose one available attack for each attack used against the character (every attack counts - including spying) where you don't have natural range.

You lose one available attack every hour, until they are all gone. So use them as soon as you can. Live 12s are the best 12s!

All of that said, also remember that anytime you attack someone, you leave 12s too... !